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snuglid question

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i will soon be purchasing a snuglid for tundra access... i wanted to know if all snuglid versions are lockable and comes with a key.. if not, which versions do?

i beleive there are F2, TC, and SL

i dont know the difference between TC and SL, but which one doesn't hug the tail gate?

is it possible to remove the "snuglid" badge?
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I'm pretty sure they all lock. When I had mine, it came with 2 keys.

I'm sure you could remove the badge if you wanted to. I think they have to attach at the factory after they paint it to match your truck, so maybe you can ask the dealer to tell them to leave it off.
Have the Snugtop II came with 2 keys and I took off the snuglid badge no problem a tip if you able to heat it or let sit in sun to warm it up, I then just used fingers to pull it off. Also asked dealer if you can order it without badge

Good Luck Larry
what should i expect to pay on a snuglid for access cab?
my local toyota dealer (longo toyota) quoted me $1,030(without installation) on the snuglid with 2 locks
Go online to SNUGTOP - Manufacturing fiberglass pick-up truck caps, tops, toppers, camper shells, canopies, hard tonneau covers, work caps and truck accessories since 1959 put your zip code in to find a local dealer, ask them price out the door installed and tax.

Good luck:tu:
should be right at, or just below $1000 installed, my SL was 9something installed
I have a SL on my 06 D/C and it has one lock in center and i am sure you could remove badges!! just over 1K and love it, has not blown off yet and i have been in some serious wind here in NM !!
yup i found another place(instead of my local dealer) and ordered it this afternoon. just a little over 8 +tax for the tc... should arrive in 2 weeks, hope itll look great with the truck
ty for all the infos
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