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This is directed towards the dealers around the area who want to sell a truck soon!

I lost my very dear to me 2006 AC Tundra in a rollover this last weekend and will be getting a new Tundra with the insurance money once they sort things out this week.

What I'm looking for:

Double Cab
4.6L V8, 6spd auto (I would consider a 5.7L if it were significantly cheaper, but that's unlikely)
Black (preferred) or Slate Metallic
Cloth interior (color unimportant, but darker is better)
Bench front seat/column shifter
Some way to use an IPod (the JBL or Nav would be nice, but not something I'm interested in shelling out much more for)

Toolbox under the rear seat
Deck rail system
Black grill surround if the truck is black

I'd like to buy soon, but I will wait a while for the right truck. You may email me for additional contact info or with info of your own - [email protected].

I will travel anywhere in Southern/Central California if I find the deal I want. Basically anywhere within a few hours of Ventura/SB counties.

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In march N. Cal dealers have an extra $3000 cash matching from ToyotaCorp. that you may want to take advantage of, not sure if that deal is still on but worth a look. It was 3000 reasons why i bought in N.Cal instead of Socal. Valley Toyota in Hanford, mention that Aaron from Mammoth Lakes sent ya. ask for invoice$$$.

Nevermind, just checked April specials- no 0% and cash match- too bad. Socal has 0% on its own, or cash back.

good luck- pay invoice and no more


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Good tip. Hanford is near Visalia - not any further than a lot of the dealers in SoCal. Thanks!
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