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This post is, admittedly, a gripe post but also an accurate account of my experience with purchasing my Borla exhaust from, also doing business on eBay as socalmotorsports.

I emailed socalmotorsports regarding the exhaust from an eBay listing that they had. The guy who responded, John Dechene, told me:

> Yes, this will fit the 00-06 Tundra. We have since ended this
> auction due to it being out of date on pricing. By the time all
> of the eBay fees, Paypal fees, s/h fees are taken out we won't
> make anything on this. This auction is over 3 years old and
> Borla has since raised pricing on us by over 24%.
> HOWEVER, if you're willing to do this away from eBay ( you can
> still pay by Paypal if you'd like) we'll sell a system to you at
> the price you found it for: $670.99. Just supply us with a
> contact ph. # and we'll take care of the rest.

I thought this was odd but not unheard of so I replied with a couple of questions, mainly asking if the item was actually in stock or if they had to order it. He replied:

> Yes, the $670.99 would cover the s/h as the auction stated. The item
> is in stock and ready to ship.
> If interested provide a contact ph. # and a sales rep. will give you a
> call to answer any all questions I haven't answered.

So, I replied with my number and John called me right away to close the deal.

I paid him that day (4/12) through PayPal and he said there was "no reason the exhaust shouldn't ship tomorrow..."

Well, a week went by without word and I emailed him on 4/20 to ask about the exhaust and he replied the same day:

> Your order has shipped. Shipping details are below:

I went to the DHL site to see how far along the package was only to find out that it wasn't even in their system yet. The next day it shows up w/ an estimated delivery date of 4/26. Today (4/26) I'm expecting the package to arrive and it's not coming. Finally, at 8 pm I call DHL to see where it is and they tell me it was just picked up this afternoon from Borla Performance in Oxnard, CA and it'll take a week to get here.

So much for being "in stock and ready to ship." I admit that I can't complain about the price, it's a damn good price (that's assuming I actually get what I ordered) but I feel like the guy wasn't exactly honest with me about the availability of the product. And let it be understood that I'm not saying don't do business with SoCal Motorsports, just be aware that what they promise isn't necessarily what they deliver.

Oh, and by the way, as of right now, that eBay auction that was supposedly ended "due to it being out of date on pricing" is still listed. It's right here:,1

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**Update, Part Deux**

Well, true to their word, I just received an email from PayPal:

> SoCal Motorsports ([email protected]) has issued you a full or
> partial refund for your payment. See Refund Details below for more
> information.
> Refund Amount: $28.76 USD

Two things came to my mind upon receiving this:

1) This is a true testament to the power of groups like this. They knew I was a member here and they knew I was posting about this.


2) They only pay $28.76 to ship that exhaust from CA to FL?!?! Wow!

I feel better about the situation but it'll still be another week until the thing gets here. That's three week from start to finish. Oh well, by this time next week, I may not even care.
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