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When answering the question how to use Softether VPN, it should be noted that The program is designed for all operating systems, but requires certain technical knowledge. It is multicomponent and consists of the following elements:

Softether VPN server. It consists of Server, Bridge, and VPN Server Manager (in the version offered for Windows);
Bridge. This option connects local networks to VPN tunnels;
Softether VPN server manager. It is installed separately and allows you to administer remote VPN servers. you will also need to download Softether VPN manager separately from other blocks of the program;
Vpncmd is designed for command-line administration, it is actually a program management console;
Softether VPN client-the client is required to connect to the VPN network.
The price of the current version of Softether VPN client manager 4.22 does not depend on the number of components, since the program is distributed under the terms of an open license, you can download it on the developer's website by selecting the necessary components or using the packages already collected by experts.
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