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hi, you can have them welded.
what i mean is they can weld a plate ,or bar from the top & bottom of the mount,
so they stay firm.
you can also mount a cable.
i used to do this years ago to my hot rods. i used to brake them, so often.
i have also been known to also brake the tranny mount as well.
be careful if you continue to brake them. what can happen is the motor/drivetrain,
can move, braking other stuff, such as lines, hoses, etc.
i once brake them on my 440 duster & the fan went through my radiator.
i get it, & understand, since i've been there more than i'd like to admit.
but this toy, has been incrediable, so far.
you usually brake them off the line, power braking up above 1500 rpm's.
if the tires dont brake looose.
if i were you i'd see if if your exhaust guy, could weld 2 rod's on each mount. it will save you alot in labor. & could be removed rather easy if you wish down the road.
good luck,

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2003 toyota tundra v8

I'm wondering if theres anyone or any place I can get solid engine mounts from.
trfytoy made some a while back. Hit him up and see if he can fabricate a set for you. Here's his website: Contact
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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