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some help please..

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Hey TS's :D

I need a bit of help, just a while ago I was on the beach, befor I into the sand the truck was on 2wd and auto lsd on.
It was ok, after that I reversed the truck on a little hill and the tire was slipping, I stoped to engage the 4hi suddenly the 4hi was blinkinking, abs on, tracktion light, and brake even though the brake was realesed.
I engaged it into 4hi but it was still blinking, I manged to move but the lights won't go, I switched the car off and back on after seconds it returned to normal and the lights were gone :p
Now its fine I didn't drive it after it went back to normal and 4hi is working but im wored any idea of what happed?

Help would be appreciated and im realy sorry for the writting mistakes im useing a mobile :D
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That normally means that either the transfer case or front differential did not complete the shift, possibly because it was under load at the time.
Usually it will go away by itself. If it does not then take it to the dealer.
Thanks for replying, btw the 4h flashed alone before I switched it
I recall seeing a thread somewhere a while back about a similar problem that was caused by a loose connector on the front differential.
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