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Saturday morning around 7 AM we woke up to find that someone tried to steal our 04 Camry right out of out drive way. Sucks because its the weekend and no one is open here that does glass replacements. Must have been around midnight to 6am. After spending over a hour with the the sheriff getting a police report done, here are the damage found so far. The passenger side door lock has been pried and picked to the point that the key will no longer fit. The driver side door has been smashed to bits. Floor mat was moved around like either the theif tried to get in or tried to hotwire it. LOL... Upon cleaning it I found bits of dried glass indicating damage to breaking the window could have been from a rock. I guess it could be worse but sucks cause no matter what its gonna cost to fix it. Insurance deductible is $500. I have to wait to get a quote on replacing the lock which might be a lot (Labor for taking the door apart, replacing the lock, getting it fitted so we can use the original key). The window I might be able to do myself. I have done some on some honda with power window. I havent dont the toyota but shouldnt be too different.

Any way here is some pictures:

Passenger side door lock. We actually found the cover piece at the end of the sidewalk and snap it back into place.

Driver side door window.

Driver side door close up.

Driver side.
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