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Spare tire options for Tundra with 20 inch tires?

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I have a 2006 double cab with the 20 inch Enkei wheels added on as part of the XSP package. The spare under the truck bed is a 16 inch rim and tire. Seems like that would be bad to try to use that if I had a flat on one of the 20 inchers. Would it even work temporarily to get me to a shop where I could get the larger tire fixed or replaced? Does anyone have suggestions about a solution or work around before I go on a 1000 mile trip? Thanks for any info
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Not any help, but when I was in your shoes. I picked up an extra 20" Enkie wheel (hard to find). Now I have a matching spare and I rotate 5 tires.

Like you I was worried about being 1000 miles from home and having 3 good 20" tires 1 good 16" tire and one bad 20" tire
Just curious as how you carry that spare 20 inch wheel. Is it too big to fit in the well the regular spare goes in under the bottom or do you just haul it in the truck bed?
Thanks for the detailed info. Much appreciated!
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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