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Special Ordering and Pricing

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I'm pretty sure I'll be picking up a new Tundra here in the coming months and I'm trying to avoid getting into the Limited package because I can option out an SR5 and get aftermarket leather ($1500 installed at the port) the way I want it.

I want an ext cab 5.7 SR5 with TRD, tow mirrors, and Nav with the aftermarket leather... I'm seriously thinking a truck like this will have to be ordered.

I'm a no hassle guy that looks up the Invoice price and MSRP. I don't mind spending some cash over Invoice... But not much.

So my question is how much should I offer over invoice to be fair if they order the truck for me or do a dealer trade? I don't want to waste the salesman's time or mine.

When I buy cars I like to go in and out as quick as possible.

Thanks in advance!
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What is a ext cab???:D

One of the best sources I have found is new car buying guide, avoiding dealer scams, new cars, used car buying

Read the whole thing, all the way through. It should answer all your questions and will deffinately help you get the best deal possible.
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