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OK since a thread was started about JBA lets compare the SS Auto to JBA, I am looking for headers any insight would be great.
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No replies, cmon guys I really need some input.
No replies, cmon guys I really need some input.
There is a poll in the Polls subforum about best headers. The JBAs seem to be the most popular.
Read the "SSAutochrome Headers Installed - Great" thread and I think you will find what you need. The SS seem to be a great value and they've fixed early production problems with the O2 sensor location.
I installed the SS Autochromes about a week ago, used oem gaskets and have no leaks, I also reset the ecu and havent really driven it enough to tell if there is a difference (2002 w/34k)-I maybe drive 20 miles a week. I did alot of research b4 buying the headers. I went to 4wheel parts and looked at the jba's b4 buying and the quality of the welds turned me away from them.
Hopes this helps.
Thankx keep me updated on the results, I am really considering these, did you also get the Y-pipe?
No, I didnt see the need for it. especially for 100 clams extra. Some folks have installed them and feel like they lost power, also with the Y pipe you'll have to weld it in place, without the pipe it's straight bolt on. Just be ready to bust some knuckles and bleed a little when you install them. I am finally healing up:D.
I see that you have an 04 I'm not sure what the exhaust looks like so the Y pipe may be needed--maybe someone else can elaborate.
Cool, I think I will just go with the headers for now my cousin owns a exhaust shop so I can utilize his lift and tools. :D
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