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Hey Everyone!

Its been a long time since I have been on, couldn't log into my old account (Marauder) 2006 Access cab SR5 with the 4.7 is having its FIRST issue since I bought it brand new in Jan of 2007. Not bad to go 167,000 miles with no mechanical issues. a couple weeks ago I noticed a slow cranking of the starter. It would slowly start taking a little longer to start. It would still fire and run.
About a week and a half later after I started it the starter would keep spinning after the engine fired up.

So I park it and drive my back up car.

I replaced the starter difference. I pick up a new starter and ignition switch. After talking to parts guy he thinks with the power draw its probably the starter.
Changed the starter.....what a $^&%....OK who puts it under the intake manifold.....
I changed that out, and still don't fix the problem.
Got gas and truck wont start....battery dead, only 100 cranking amps.

So new battery.

Now I change the ignition switch which I have seen cause starter issues.....

Still the starter spins after the engine fires.

So anyone have ideas on why my starter keeps spinning after it starts?

I guess I should look thru wiring diagrams and the service manual next.
Unless its just a bad ECU?
I am guessing its not registering all the time that the engine fired up?

BTW....its not doing it all the time, about half the time it'll do it and the starter will stop about 30 seconds of running.

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