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Sorry ahead of time for long post.

Situation I have a 2006 Tundra that I installed an aftermarket remote starter/security system on back in 2010. Has worked fine and still does. The problem is that if you start it but then put your foot on the brake before you insert the key the engines dies. This is not a problem. The problem is a few months back at work I had started my truck as I was running out of the office as I was in a hurry and just by chance I put my foot on the brake as i jumped in and was putting my key in and turning at virtually the same time. The engine was dying but I was turning the key as it died to try and start it. It tried to start but wouldn't. I stopped as I know I screwed up, I waited a bit tried to start it normally and it wouldn't go it kept trying to start so I stopped for a few minutes. I tried it again and this time I gave it some throttle, it eventually started but it was like it was clogged, I reved the engine a bit and it seemed to clean out the system, it kind of shook a bit but seemed fine.

A few days after that I started to notice that occasionally it would take longer to start than normal. I tested the battery as it was old and then i changed it because it was old and figured what the heck. That didn't help. I had the mechanic at work plug into it with the scanner and he saw no codes or anything wrong with it. I started to think it was the starter and realized how much of a pain it would be to change. My boss a mechanic back in the day with 30 years experience listened to it and he thought it was a fuel issue and not a starter. Like the starter is spinning fine but maybe something with the fuel injection or something. I took it to toyota but of course after trying it a bunch of times they couldn't recreate it. I figured to just keep driving it and see if it gets worse. It will get worse but then it will start to be fine again for awhile, then again it will be bad.

This leads me to believe its not the starter as I figure once it went it would only get worse not better. I checked for fuel filter but it doesn't have an inline fuel filter you basically need to remove the tank and fuel pump and everything. Maybe fuel pump is going?

I really have no clue, neither does my mechanic friends (as I am no mechanic). Maybe the only thing to do is keep going until it gets really bad or just stops starting. Im apprehensive about doing any long drives from home or anything though.

has anyone has any issues like this at all?
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