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Steering wheel controls

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Ok lets say you buy a 4x4 double cab 4x4 trd sport with factory radio. If I was to buy just the button controls for the streering wheel steore controls is the wiring there or does it only work with the JBL system?:ts:
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If you get the optional 6 disc changer (non-JBL), it will come with steering wheel audio controls. They can also be used with several aftermarket head units (e.g. Alpine) with optional attachments from the head unit manufacturer.

Not sure if that answers your question, but HTH.
I guess what im asking is the wire harness is already there so that you can just put the buttons in and use them instead of bying a trcuk with the cd changer in it for more money?
interesting idea...I'd like to know what you find out about the steering wheel controls as that would be a great feature to add to my truck...

I remember when i bought my truck how it was next to impossible to even get one let alone one with the steering wheel controls...would of had to wait months for that, if I could add it on now that would be great

just found this....Steering Wheel Radio Controls

it says the whole steering wheel has to be removed and swapped...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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