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Stereo install help plz

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i'm reinstalling a new stereo and dont remember which color wire is hot, which is negative, and which is ignition...plz help
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Not sure what wire colors are which, but you can use a multimeter to determine what the correct wires are (useful tool to own; buy at radio shack)
did you buy a harness makes it real simple
yeah man, if its after market just goto your nearest car audio store and pick you up a wiring harness for your truck, It usually just plugs into the old harness that was in the back of your stock radio and has wires that come out of it that should match the colors of your new radio, most ive seen nowadays yellow is hot 12v, black is ground and red i think is Acc. If you happen to get a harness and it doesnt fit in the rear way back behind your radio might be a little silver box which is your stock amplifier *if you have one of these the easiest way to get the install done is to bypass it or you will end up needing another harness to keep it in, I just bypassed mine.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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