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I've got a 2003 Tundra with 120,000 miles. Last year I noticed the gear selector was getting harder to move. Eventually when the cold weather hit it got even harder to move. It got to where you couldn't get it in the 1st position.

I got under the truck and shot some WD40 on the pivot point(where the shift cable joins the shift arm on the side of the trans). Worked it back and forth and it got much better for a few weeks but then got stiff again. Took the joint apart and cleaned everything up real good, lubed it and put it back together. Worked good as new for a couple weeks then got stiffer again. Decided to get into the linkage at the shifter lever itself. Tried my best to get some lubrication at the top and down inside the cable(under the steering column).

Once again it was like new for a couple weeks but now it's starting to get a little stiff again. It's really weird 'cause it seems I'm where I need to be but it doesn't seem to last. I'm thinking maybe I need to get a new cable assembly.:unsure3d:

Anyone have to deal with this situation?
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