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Thanks to everyone here, I got enough information to believe my setup would work, but I couldn't find someone with my exact desired setup.

I purchased a set of Raceline Raptors 18X9 with +25 Offset to replace the stock rims on my Tundra. I put 305/60/18 Nitto Terra Grapplers on and they clear the suspension and the fender liners at full lock.

EXCEPT at the front of each inner fender there is a small, bolt on dirt shield that only has two bolts in it at each end. It flares in toward the tire in the middle of the shield. When the truck is in reverse at full lock, the Nitto's just barely rub on the shield. So...I'll either remove the little shields or put a screw in the middle of them to keep them clear of the tire.

I like the rake of the stock suspension setup and didn't want to add a lift, and it works great.

Do you have any pics of your truck up close with the raceline raptors. I have the same style tundra and I love the rims. Thank you
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