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Strange Cooling problems with 2004 Tundra

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I have a 2004 Tundra with 110k miles. I had the timing belt and water pump replaced about 10k ago. I have noticed that my radiator overflow tank is always empty. I fill it frequently and every now and then there will be a fair amount of coollant on the ground. Otherwise dry. Then recently I noticed the temp gauge in the red when at stoplights, then ok once moving. I quickly added a coolant to the radiator, which seemed to cure it. And then a few days later there was coolant on the ground. Then the other day I noticed that my heater wasn't working, just cold air, and then noticed that the temp gauge was in the red again. As before, I cured by adding coolant, and then again, a day or two later there were puddles under the car. Does this make any sense to anyone? Thermostat issues maybe and/or Fan clutch issues? The truck runs great, I simply need to keep an eye on the temperature guage. Thanks for any thoughts on this.
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Something is leaking coolant out, either a hose, line or drainplug in the block. Take it back to whomever did your timingbelt and waterpump.
Ditto........take it don't want to overheat and blow a head gasket....that could suck.
If it leaks and you get puddle under the truck get it taken care of ASAP. Take it back to them. Your playing with it now the way one shouldn't.
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