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My 2011 CrewMax Platinum Tundra w like 70k miles had all it's dash lights turn on a month ago. "4-Lo" is on, the traction control symbol (car w skidmarks) is on, and check engine light all stay on constantly.

Problem went away for a little while, but now it's back. Took it to a shop and they said nothing is wrong, so if I can live with the lights no problemo. But he was wrong, bc i noticed my RPMs were 2500 instead of normal 1500 when above 50mph on highway. By shifting to manual it indicated i was still in 4th gear. Manual shifting wouldn't take it up to 5th or 6th gear either. But I was able to get the truck in 5th and 6th by pulling over, shutting engine off, and then restarting, then accelerating at steady pace to > 60mph. The trannie shifted all 6 gears. But then if i pump the breaks on the highway and slow down a bit due to traffic or slow guys on the onramps, my trannie gets stuck in 4th again and I have to repeat the whole process.

Seems like a computer problem, but what can I do. I really dont' want to have maintenance drop the engine to check to see if mice have eaten the knock sensor wires. I've heard if its the Air Induction Pump it's covered by 10 year warranty. Read another post of a guy with same problem, and he said he had a "solenoid" screw up and bust his gears, and Toyota covered everything (in shop for 18 days tho). I can't afford to pay Toyota the exhorbitant fees to check it out, they want money up front before they even repair anything, just to check it out (maybe that's just my dealer?). I also can't afford to lose the truck for weeks even if warranty cover it, due to work.

Is there something I can do to simply disable whatever the computer is doing so i can just get 5th and 6th gears on the highway?

Is not being able to shift above 4th gear called "Limp Mode"?

Please help/advise

I promise to update everyone when i finally get to a solution, so future readers who have this problem can learn from it. Thanks in advance.
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