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The front tow hooks on the Sequoia are actually pretty decent, but I wanted something a little easier to slip my rope on to. I've used the front tow hooks from mid 1990's Suburbans on other trucks and I like that they are cheap, very sturdy, and easy to make work.

I picked these up for about $30. I had to drill a new hole so they would fit the Sequoia but that was pretty easy. I sand-blasted and powder-coated them red. The lower part of the bumper required some minor trimming so you can get a rope over the hook but you can't tell unless you lay down and look up. You will need longer bolts - M12x1.25 by 45 or 50mm long.



The original front tow hooks will bolt to the rear of the frame rails, but I think they are tucked up too high to provide a lot of value. I powder-coated those too and bolted them to the back.

Excuse the elephant snot you see on the frame rails - I'm getting ready for my trip to the beach and under-coated with Wool Wax.
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