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Supercharged 2002 V-8 Help needed!

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I finally broke down and had my Toyota flat bedded to the Toyota dealership. Yesterday I heard it run for the first time in a long while.

Unfortunately even with the new TRD ECU manual we are not certain which of the two identical white plugs from the Supercharger 'pigtail' ECU go into which plugs 'P1' or 'P2' on the Supercharger ECU 'junction box'. My leads were not labeled as some I have seen. It is my fault since I removed the junction box and did not document where the pugs go.

Would someone please send me a bunch of photographs showing how your ECU is plugged into the ECU junction box? I know it is a lot to ask but even the dealership that originally installed the Supercharger for me is uncertain how it goes.

Please send to: mwstro (AT) bellsouth (dot) net
I will be truly grateful for this information.

The dealership just removed the 'supercharger ECU' and Junction box from the system and the truck starts and runs fine; no codes or check engine light -but when they plug the supercharger ECU back in the motor does not start or run!

I even had a N.O.S. spare supercharger ECU but the motor does not run with that one either(?).

Does the Supercharger ECU control only the 9th injector?
How bad would it be to run the engine without the Supercharger ECU?

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