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supercharged 2012 reg cab tundra
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Hi guys, i'm new to the forums, just got a 2012 single cab long bed with trd charger installed. this charger has been ported and polished, 525cc injectors, long tube headers, stock cats to be street legal, shift kit, auburn lsd. it has a bully dog gt tuner installed. i did a pull lastnight and it reached 7psi at around 5400rpm like it always does. AFR at WOT hit 13.6 for about a second and dropped to 11.1-11.3 in 4th gear. The stock ECU has the trd SC flash on it already. i uninstalled the tune from bullydog just to see if my afrs changed. at full boost in same conditions it was around 10.9- 11.2 consistently. the power came on WAY smoother and the afrs looked where they should be. this system is innercooled and iat temps are 85degrees consistently.
1) what should the proper afrs be at 6-7 psi at wot? 10.9-11.2 seems way better than 13.6 for a second.
2) is the TRD flash okay to run 525cc injectors with high flow pump?
3) i'm thinking about doing away with the bullydog after how the truck ran without it, should i be concerned?

thanks in advanced!! Tyler
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