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Yes its true about the rods exploding actually. The 4.7 does really poor under forced induction, unlike the 3.4 which is built like a tank. In the 4.7 they used metal for the rods which is basically ground up chunks/ metal powder compressed together, unlike "forged" steel which is cut from blocks of solid steel, or whatever they use. The rods just cant take abuse in the 4.7 like people think - and i love all the people who say 'well mine has run great so far' - people just dont understand what boosting does to a motor that isn't built well for boost. they will all break eventually, just depends on how hard your pushing it.

If you want to boost it, dont go over 4-5 lbs, and dont do a stupidcharger - the last thing you want is hotter compressed air going into an already weak motor. Go intercooled turbo, you get nice, cool compressed air into that motor and the parasitic drag of a stupidcharger takes more power from the motor than its worth unlike a turbo which even when not boosting gives you more power - and properly sized and tuned you will have no turbo lag like most think.

Check out sts turbo systems - they might still have one for the tundra.

Where did you get the info about the rods breaking? I have not heard that one.
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