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Suspension clunk

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I replaced the upper and lower ball joints on both sides, used all parts from the dealership. Made sure to fill the boots with lube per the instructions on the upper ball joints. Torqued per spec and cotter keyed. Made sure to use blue thread locker on the bottom four bolts on each side.

Now when I drive and go over a series of small bumps I get a clunk noise, almost like metal slapping together. Not sure what it could be... any ideas? The only thing I can think of is its time for the 200k front shocks to be replaced and all bushings. The only bushings I am not sure of replacing is the lower Arms if it requires me to mess up the bottom ball joints.

thank you for any ideas!
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Now I am sitting here realizing I did not put additional grease in the boots on the bottom ball joints on both sides since it did not come with the packet of grease like the top... not sure if that's a big deal.
Check Sway bar end links
The rubber bushings on the end links look like they are crushed dried pancakes that are fraying. Going to replace them and check all the other bushings. I am debating upper and lower control arm bushings soon as well. Some things I have read say to just replace the arms due to the difficulty of removing the bushings.
My clunk came from the lower control arm bushings.

Upper and lower control arm bushings are not that difficult to remove and replace. A bearing splitter and a press for the upper arm bushing removal, press to install. A bottle jack and torch for the lower arm bushing removal, new lower control arm bushings are pressed into the arms.
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