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Swapping 22r block with 22re

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I have a 1984 toyota pick-up 4x4 that needs a new engine. I got a 22re for free, however, I don't need to swap the whole engine and really don't want to have to deal with all of the fuel injection and wiring. So, I was wondering if all the intake ports for the carb and manufold on the 22r will line up with the 22re engine block?? I want to keep it carburated so would it be possible with the 22re block??

-thanks, Mark
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the 22re block will accept the 22r head, you cannot use the 22re head to bolt the 22r intake to, the ports are different. So in order for this to work, you will have to take the head from the 22r and swap it to the 22re block.
Thanks for the information. So the manufold off of the 22r will fit onto the 22re block??

-thanks again, Mark
Actually, I think the 22re heads have the mounting holes, etc lined up for BOTH the EFI setup and the carb setup since they sold both RE's and R's at the same time after 1984. I just converted an 89 22r longblock to efi in my 4runner, both the head and the gasket I bought have the holes for the carb AND the EFI. The only difference IIRC was there is a block off plate on the front of the passenger side of the head which you can unbolt and bolt on whatever goes there from the carbed engine, and there is some sort of an oiler that bolts to the end of the cam. Take the 22re, look at the passenger side of the head and see if the holes you need are there, they should be, then remove the valve cover and look at what is different, then swap it over, should be pretty easy and save you having to remove the head and replace the headgasket.
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