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Sway Bar Bushings

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So, it's been a couple of months since I got the Tundra back from the dealer (frame replacement) and decided it was time for brakes, shocks, sway bar bushings and so on. So now I have half the truck scattered across the garage floor.

However, when I was looking at the sway bar bushing kit (Wheeler's Off Road, naturally), I found 4 spring bump stops to be mounted to the frame above the lower control arm. Makes sense, since there are threaded holes there. There were no such bumps on the new frame...and it got me to wondering about the old frame...and looking at a parts diagram for the front suspension, Toyota only specs these bumps for the two wheel drive variety. My question is, therefore, whether these would hurt anything to put them on the 4WD? I got them so I might as well use them? Just wondering what y'all have done with them.

On another note, I am not happy anymore with the tech who did the frame replacement. Virtually any and every bolt, nut, screw or other fastener I have had to take off has been tightened way beyond specs in my opinion. I could hardly remove the wheel lug nuts, the nut on the sway bar link snapped and I had to cut off an upper shock mount nut in the rear. These were all off during the frame replacement, so it should not have been a chore to get a nut torqued to 15 ft-lb off without a cheater bar. I found a spring bump missing from a leaf spring (rusted off) and the other fell off when I touched it, but I am sure they were fine at the dealership. I'll fix it myself.

Other than that, my little overdue project is going well, but just wondered about the bumps up front. I still love this truck!
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I have the bump stops on front of my 01 4wd, but saw only one above the lower a arm. I may have missed the other. I also had one rear bump stop missing on the leaf springs. Even though I completely disassembled them, I got energy suspension bump stops from advance auto, and I bolted them on the frame bracket above the springs.
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