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Before pre-rinsing your ride, hit the bird droppings with a spray bottle filled with warm water and a bit of baking soda to rehydrate, soften and neutralize acids. Bird droppings contain tiny pebbles not digested by our flying friends. Let the spray sit for a few minutes to do its magic. Hit them up again if the droppings are older and your ride has been sitting in the sun. Most dropping will come off without any rubbing during your pre-rinse.

If you really want to protect your ride, carry your anti-bird poo mix with you and hit up any droppings as soon as you seem them. A quick wipe with a microfiber towel will instantly spiff your ride.

Also, use your hose without a nozzle and let the water sheet over your ride. Don't drive the dirt into your paint with a strong spray.

Another tip: Since wash mitts are cheap, I use 5 of them and don't rinse and reuse. One for each 1/4 section of my ride. The fifth is dedicated to cleaning my rims. Depending on how dirty your ride is, you may still have to rinse. I also apply the a soft gel shampoo directly to a wash mit already dipped in bucket of soft, warm water. The warm water continues the work of the pre-spray by softening oils, dropping and other attached gunk. Rinse each 1/4 section as you go. Rinse all the mitts when you're done.

Note: For over 17 years I've used a product call Gel-gloss to successfully to remove light scratches and polish almost every type of material (auto and home use) where other products have failed (can be purchased at your local hardware store, usually in the plumbing/bathroom section). It can be thinned with water. You need to rewax after using it. It also comes in a spray. It may leave light swirl marks if used too agressively. I've even used it to polish glass or even a dry erase marker board. Water sheets off making wipers unnecessary. Test a hidden area first. Disclaimer: It takes a bit of practice to apply this product. Use at your own risk.

My second Toyota was the original Van purchased in 1986. After 9 years of ownership, I got comments like "when did you get your new van".
Unfortunately it was stolen/totaled in the summer of 1996, still lookin' like new.

See you on the bright side! :)
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