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Tachometer is off!!!!!!

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I wanted to change my gauges from black to white and did so but now the tachometer si way off. I noticed that when I put the tach at zero and plugged in the plug it dropped below zero. So then I left it plugged i and changed it to zero. It worked fine while driving. Later, When I went to go leave in my truck the tach was back below zero?????? I don't get wtf is going on...If anyone could help it would be appreciated
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I can answer my question due to curiousity. If you move your tach needle on accident downwards past the "0", the tach is then set at that position as zero rpms. To simply fix this you must turn the tach needle counterclockwise and stop the needle exactly on the "0" mark. What I kept doing was moving it clockwise to "0" which doesn't recalibrate it. Hope this helps people with the same problem...
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