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The other day I was driving past my local Toyota dealer and saw a very nice 2006 Tacoma sitting in the lot. It is a double cab with a full size bed and a bed cap. It is just what I am looking for and the price is pretty good too.
So, I stopped in and took a look at the truck. Just like factory new with about 58,000 miles on it. Again, it is just what I am looking for.
Well, today I was driving around and remembered that some Tacoma models had a problem with frame rust, so I stopped by to have look at the frame. When I got down on the ground and looked under the truck, I was shocked. Pretty much the entire frame was covered with rust. I live in Northern Minnesota, and we use just a bit of salt on the roads around here. So, I began to wonder if the frame rust problem is on all the Tacoma's, not just from 1995-2000.
I had a 1996 T100 at one time, and the frame was perfect as long as I owned it. The VIN numbers in the frame were even painted white and were as clear as the day the truck was made when I traded it in 2004 and not a speck of rust anywhere.

Any thoughts on this from the group? Should I give it a try or just keep looking?

I never thought I would question the quality of Toyota vehicles, but I beginning to get a bit worried about their quality.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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