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...Now in stock. A pretty exciting package for the Tacoma, and would look really good with an R6 or R1 in the back. :cool:

Take the TRD off-road package, delete the hitch and towing upgrades, Bilstein shocks, locking differential, steering wheel audio controls and 6-disc changer...

and add:

*TRD cat-back exhaust system
*Hood scoop
*Color-keyed door handles and mirrors
*17" wheels
*Color-keyed rear bumper and grille
Carbon-fibre dash
Yamabucks coupon for $250 off Yamaha purchases of $2600-$5000.00
Another Yamabucks coupon for $500 off Yamaha purchases over $5000.00

*these features were previously not available on access cabs but are standard on TRD double cabs. Confused yet?

Total price for this package undercuts the TRD off-road package by $1300 on the access cab and $1400 on the double cab. A pretty good value when you consider that the TRD exhaust alone costs about $900.00. And especially if you were thinking of buying a Yamaha.

Sorry for the crap pics. :td:

PM for TundraSolutions discount


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I guess it's more for people that don't expect to use it as much off road, and were thinking of buying a Yamaha. :devil:

edit: I bet half the lockers in these things never get used.

Toyotas relationship with Yamaha is pretty strong they have always had Toyota products in most there ad's.Yamaha also designed the celica gts engine as well .

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