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Hi guys,

I'm new to this fourm, but am a frequent member on the RCCA, Jemsite and Truckfourms.

In a few months, I'll be done school and onto working in the world. I drove a 96 Ford Escort in my last job working for an environmental consulting firm. Needless to say, it fell short a few times in its ability to carry things around. I'm looking at a small truck/suv to use as my daily driver. I'd use it to get to work, play on the weekends, haul some stuff around, etc.

I should mention this - I had a 93 Maxima as my first car and loved it. didn't need much, spent 500 to replace the alternator, but that was the most expensive thing ever with it (second owner - I had it for about 4 or 5 years I think). I loved it until it got totaled and insurance refused to fix it. the Escort was a money pit (I spent more to fix it than I did to buy it), and it was a quick buy. Hoping to make a bit more of an informed decision this time around.

I'm looking to get one of the following:
Nissan X-Terra
Nissan Frontier
Nissan Pathfinder
Toyota Tacoma
Toyota 4Runner
Toyota FJ4

I'd like to give it a:
- mild lift
- deck with an ipod input
- hitch
- winch
- light bar
- canopy cover (for the frontier or tacoma)
- bed toolbox (for the frontier or tacoma)
- tires/wheels
- sunroof
- maybe an intake / exhaust
- skidplates.

So now I'd like some opinions from the owners - how do you like each one of these trucks?

Anything else I should consider? Standard trucks like the F Series, Silverado and Ram series would be overkill for what I need (same with the Titan)

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Are you talking about new vehicles?

I'll speak to the Toyota's, as I've driven all of them extensively... and my considerations are the newest/current models...

4-Runner: Super nice package but too nice to be chopping and modding for off-roading. The adventure package would be a great soccer-mom/dirt bike weekender type vehicle.

Tacoma: Most versatile, all the guts of a 4-runner without the glam. A double cab gives you lots of expansion room.

FJ: A flavour of 4-Runner that doesn't taste good to everyone. The best, and worst of an SUV/trucklet in one package.

Now... if you are talking used... there are lots of ways to take an older-gen 4-runner and sweeten it up, or Tacoma as far as that goes... I think the more important thing you need to factor in is how much budget you have for upgrades vs. how much to buy the vehicle itself. You can get caught up fast... I have over $10K into my Tacoma, and it would likely only fetch a few thousand more on a trade... a bit more private sale...

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What are you looking to spend? you wont be able to get an fj unless your willing o go to 2007. I have a 2007 for sale in the for sale section you should check it out. Of all of those they are all awesome trucks though. You really cant go wrong with any of them. I have driven all of them and they are all really fun. If i could keep my fj I would because it is my favorite truck out there but I need a little more utility and need a pickup now. I would say go test drive them all and then see what you like. That is the only way to really find out. Good luck and if you are interested in the fj that I have for sale let me know.
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