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First post in many years, honestly I read more than I reply and have found a lot of useful information here in the community.
I bought my first Tundra ( 2006 DC in 2009 ) after 10 years and adding 150K ( 180K I traded it in on a 2017 DC ). I got a steal on this one - so I had to buy it.
The add said 2017 DC with 5400 miles. YUP - it had a 30 month lease and 5400 miles on it ! it still smelled new. So I picked it up and have racked up
10K miles on it in the last year. I can sing praises about my 2006 - I replaced 1 o2 sensor, factory recall ball joints - and just regular maintenance. Hope to repeat
with this one.

OK - back on track, sorry.

Anyone have a bad experience with TacoTunes ? I placed an order for an amp, mounting rack, wiring harness, power package, on 2 July, CC billed that day.
I get it was close to the holiday weekend - so I wait. Its now 3 days short of a month. No tracking numbers, emailed a few times and get the same response.

WE are experiencing longer than anticipated ship times due to Covid 19. WE have had to cut staff in the warehouse to abide by local social distancing measure(s). I will forward you message and order number to our shipping department. They will reply within 24 hours to give you an updated time frame on your order. If you would like a refund, please open a ticket in our need help section and we will glady refund. We are very sorry for the delay(s) in processing some of our orders. Please note LARGER orders are delayed quite a bit more than smaller orders.

I opened a ticket last week - no response.
Called Monday - left voicemail with ticket number and my contact number - no response
Emailed Tuesday - no reply

So now I have added a Q-bomb 2x 10 with Memphis PR subs under the rear seats - with a Memphis PR500 amp (waiting on the wiring from Tacotunes)
Door speakers are also replaced with Memphis audio direct fit speakers. Not impressed with the factory head/amp powering them.
So what am I to do ? cancel the order and find a different amp ? I'd like to do the P&P as I don't like to cut factory wires.

Any input is appreciated. Added photos of both my 06 and the 17 .

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