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Tail Lights?? Good bulb, Good fuse, need help!!!

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Hey Guys I have been lurking around this forum for a while. Great place!! I have a question. The other day the bulb on my tail/brake light went out. I went to the local auto store and got a replacement bulb and it didnt work. So I looked at the fuses and they are all good also. I did a quick glace at the wires coming from the tail light and looked all good. Is there something I am missing?? Some dumb thing that I overlooked? I know its not rocket science but I have been googlin' all morning and have found no info at all. The truck is a 2001 tundra 4x4, access, stock brake assembly. I am not sure but I have also been towing a trailer but I do not know if it went out when I plugged in the trailer harness. Also the trailer harness is stock Toyota elec, and tow pkg. Thanks for all the input:D
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Thx guys. the trailer harness was installed a long time ago. the problem is actually the connector that the bulb connects to. I noticed it worked a few hours later with the new bulb, then it didnt work later that week. I wiggled it with the lights on and then just taped it with some electrical tape to keep the bulb snug to the connector so everything is fine now. Its gunny because the bulb fits nice and tight in the connector but if you wiggle it, it will go on and off even with it snug in there. I dunno, long as I dont get pulled over when I think my light is good.
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