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Tears and Steel Horses
Terry Longpre

As we get ready for our ride,
We pull on our jeans and put on a vest,
We are bikers and have nothing to hide,
We ride to lay our brothers to rest.

We put on our boots,
We fasten our belt,
We know the day is going to be long,
But we know in our hearts it will help.

Today we mount our steel horses,
We are the PGR and we're ready to ride,
We may look like hardened bikers,
We ride to honor those who have died.

We each carry an American Flag,
We may not appear to be clean and neat,
We ride for those who have protected us,
We carry water to keep from burning up in the heat.

Sometimes it might be snowing,
Sometimes it will be hotter than the gates of hell,
We'll be standing there knowing what's in our hearts,
We ride for those who can't, because we are well.

We stand to show honor and respect,
We stand to protect the family and friends too,
We stand the line because we have it in our hearts,
We stand the line because it's the right thing to do.

Most will wear sunglasses no matter what time of day,
The day will be emotional no matter how hard we try,
They hide our weeping for those who we have lost,
They hide the fact that bikers cry.

We are your friends who ride the steel horses,
We are your neighbors who shed real tears,
We are Patriot Guard Riders.
There is no reason to show fear.
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