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While my 05 was being serviced, I took a silver C/M 4x4 Limited for a 20 minute ride. This one had everything but the Nav. The salesman gave me as much time as I wanted and no pressure.

- The 5.7 is awesome. It's very smooth and the thing puts you right back in the seat.
- This truck turns better than my 05 D/C
- The bed is plenty big enough for the average homeowner.
- The back seat area is huge.
- The drivers seat is nice and wide but could use a little more bolstering on the sides.
- The steering wheel adjusment is nice.
- The proportions of the C/M make for an awesome looking 4x4
- I liked the shape of the hood looking out from the drivers seat.
- Nice big console and it's at the right height
- The towing hitch is built VERY well

- The transmission acts just like the one in my 05 D/C. It gets weird when you hold the accelerator "steady"
- The dash is too big and odd shaped for me. It just seems disproportionate.
- The plastic strip thing on the hood...WTH??
- The outside door handles are just goofy!!!
- No button to release the shifter
- The display for the backup camera was dark unless I angled my head down (I am 5'10")
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