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Thank You Sponsors and the Texas Gang! (Frank's Pizza Meet-Feb 9th)

Well the new version of does not allow me to make a "Sticky Thread" but there are some Thanks! I would like to address;

First, ALL of the Texas Gang that made this event a true success. (Gang it will take a hell of a lot more than a hacker to put us down and out!)

A special Thank You to;

Don McGill Toyota.... Paul J Stansney
for bringing out that beautiful 2002 Tundra TRD for us to look at and the caps and t-shirts for door prizes. Please be sure to check out their website by clicking HERE!

Sterling McCall Toyota ...Ted Roach
for all the great caps, Toyoya calendars, and the fire extinguisher for a door prize. (I do not know if word got spread around, but Ted had even offered me a display model of a Tundra V8 motor, but I kinda needed a hoist in the bed of my Tundra to bring it to Frank's) Please be sure to check out their website HERE!

Thank You Gentlemen...ALL of the Texas Gang truly appreciated your donations to our meet!

A BIG Thank you to Hover (Mike) that made our Texas Tundra website to communicate on while TS was down.

We had OVER half a million dollars in Tundras sitting in that parking lot! WOW!!!

A personal Thank You.....What can I say...I was truly lost for words (and that's not often) when SATundra (Joe) presented me with The BSer's Award. It was hung this morning on my office wall (may I add I got a lot of strange looks). Gang it really left a lump in my throat..Thank you ALL!

Dave (tundradave2001) my friend, as I was driving in to work this morning that possum you got me had me a grinnin' like a possum! Thank you, it is my companion in my Tundra now.Thanks Guys!


My friend, I do not know how we could have pulled this off with out you. Thank you David!

For those that may be reading this thread, behind the sceens was something else, David and I were freaking out! Before TS crashed, we just learned that our fair city here was having The Houston Rodeo Parade...yep we even had horse chit!

It can only take a GREAT GROUP OF TEXANS to have pulled this off! I know I am probably missing several "Thanks!" that I may have left out, please do not be offended my mind is STILL spinning from this weekend activities. As you may notice my member ID I was kinda down and out for the count after the meet.

The food, drinks, donations, door prizes, rides, company, and the list goes on and on!

And Last But Not Least....Thanks To The Texas Gang For Yet Another Successful Lunch Meet!


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Re: Thank You Sponsors and the Texas Gang! (Frank's Pizza Meet-Feb 9th)

WOW 18 Tundras in one place at one time. :eek:Somebody at the meet mentioned there was more than a $500,000 just in trucks there, not including the MAJOR MONEY some of the guys/gals had put into there rides. WOW. Dan I am totally pleased with the results we had at the meet. I for one couldn't have had a better time. Really enjoyed meeting everyone. Some of you guys that showed up and were not members need to sign up now. Most of you had done some very nice mods to your trucks. We appreciate the mod info you all generously gave.

THANK YOUS - need to go out to so many....... But I will start with just a couple. Dan and Kathy (Possum and wife), David (tundragon) we couldn't have done it without you. A special THANKS to all that made a LONG drive to get there, tundradave2001, tundraholic, (from the Dallas area) - EZ2BME, Hover, Tundra00 and myself (from San Antonio). These people traveled 2 1/2-4 hours to make it to the meet. THANKS to Hover who so generously set up a temporary "TEXAS TUNDRA" site so we could stay in touch with each other while our beloved TS was down, you did a GREAT job on that, no wonder you are an IS/IT Major. THANKS to Paul w/ Don McGill Toyota and Ted w/Sterling McCall Toyota for your help. Thanks to all that attended for having the mind set to wait out the parade traffic to even make it to the meet. Well I am gonna stop there as I am sure there are others that want to add something to. :DThanks again to all that attended. We will make the "Lone Star Bash" even bigger and better. YeeeeeeHaww!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe - SATundra

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Re: Thank You Sponsors and the Texas Gang! (Frank's Pizza Meet-Feb 9th)

Here is the list of all the Texas Gang that attended the Frank's Luncheon;

tundradave2001 (Dave)
tundraholic (Ron)
Mrs. tundraholic (Sherry)
EZ2BME (John)
SATundra (Joe)
HOVER (Mike)
Tundra00 (Adam)
tundradave2001 (Dave)
Snoopy (Jimm)
iforce=horses (Floyd)
Mrs. iforce=horses (Kim)
TexTundra (Kyle)
Mrs. TexTundra (Sandy)
muckraker (Kese)
Mrs. muckraker (Gale)
HOTundra (Christine)
Possum (Dan)
Mrs. Possum (Kat)
tundragon (David)
Ivy (guest)
Rose (guest)
Cleve (Hope to see on TS)
Paul (Hope to see on TS)
Paul J Stansney (Don McGill)

My desk is a mess if I left someone out please send me a PM so I may add their name.

A THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for attending our Texas Meet!
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