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which is Fremont Toyota at Fremont, CA.

I have visited a handful of Toyota dealers and this is absolutely the worst one ever... The front desk staff is not helping (of course not friendly at all), the sales person quality is sub par, the service technician has unskillful skills (they damage my dash to do a simple work like removing the Highlander dash faux wood), and the parts department is the worst of the worst… this young skinny guy at the counter is super mean and careless to help the customers (I asked for help on finding a matching fog lights switch and he simply replied: “I can’t help you” )

There is one service rep (an Asian American) and an older fellow in parts dept who I found some hope with this dealer... but too bad they can't save the company's image.

If you have different opinion than my experience and actually liked the Fremont Toyota, I strongly suggest you try other Toyota to compare the differences. Fremont Toyota makes you feel disconnected for whatever you are doing there and the whole company is not a bit organized and they are not hurry for a change. The Auto West Honda cross street is about as bad as Fremont Toyota if not worse, I strongly not recommend these two dealers.

The best Toyota in my experience so far is “FREEMAN TOYOTA in SANTA ROSA, CA”
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