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They're still replacing torque converters under warranty

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My 07 DCSB 4x4 SR5 was precisely 3 days past its 3rd year anniversary when I first felt the "rumble strip". My truck has (believe it or not) only 12k miles, and hasn't felt of the same quality as my old hiluxes, but I think that is simply an era of machines that has passed, for better and for worse.

So a few days pass since the first rumble, and the next day I'm driving it, I can almost see the hood bouncing if I give just the minimum throttle while it's in the right gear btwn 30-50mph.

Even though I believed it to be out of warranty, I figured that the sooner I take it to a dealer and begin the battle, the better. So I took it to Fitzgerald's Lakeforest Toyota in Gaithersburg, which actually has some decent feedback in a few google searches.

I was hoping that with a TSB in hand, and only 12k miles, I could shame the dealer or Mid Atlantic Toyota into fixing this for free.

6 hours after dropping it off, they call and say that they felt the vibration, rotated the tires, and the vibration was gone. Not surprisingly, as soon as I drove 3 blocks, the truck was hopping up and down again, so back to the dealer again.

Then 3 days pass, and the same service writer calls and says that it was a bad torque converter and they were replacing it under the 5/50 powertrain warranty... I didn't even know I had that.

When I picked it up yesterday, it felt as silky and smooth shifting as it did when it was new. That made me wonder if it had been been getting progressively worse over the miles without me noticing it, and then it finally had a major failure in the last 100 miles.

Anyway, long and short - there are still some TC's failing out there on the 07's.

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they were replacing it under the 5/50 powertrain warranty... I didn't even know I had that.
All Toyotas have that powertrain warranty (in some cases longer) :) Glad to hear the dealer took care of you.
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