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A recent string of thefts in Santa Barbara, CA. have led police to believe that thieves have gained access to master keys that work on 2002-2005 Toyota Tacomas.

A theft of a Tacoma just over two weeks ago in Santa Barbara first led the police onto the scam. The man had just bought the truck as a private sale. The police investigation discovered that the license plates on the Toyota in Bakersfield. Since then, three more Tacoma trucks have been stolen in Santa Barbra.

Santa Barbara Police Lt. Paul McCaffrey said "I don't know how this particular person got this key, but I do know that someone moderately sophisticated could create [and duplicate] keys that could open a wide range of vehicles."

Toyota spokesman, Moe Durand, does not believe that this master key theory is possible.

Police do have one man in custody who was caught driving a stolen vehicle with stolen plates. They are however urging people to park their Tacomas in secure garages or add a club lock.

[Source: ABC News]
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