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Cool, but I wouldn't want one on my truck. :afro:
I'd like to be the first to say that.............. is not cool!

I should add though that I'm not a fan of any headache racks
IMO, it's kinda gay. But, whatever blows your skirt up.:D
It's creative, but not for me or my truck.
There was a time when I would have thought that was cool when I was 8!
Hey, I do think it is creative but I'm not so sure I would like that for the long run????
If the anatomically incorrect spider was removed?
i wondered why shatto posted in Tundra and not OT like his ususal randomness...still wonder..

oh and its totally ugly.
terrible. some people really F-up their trucks.
Someone put the security gate on the back window to prevent thieves!
Is that spider real?
Uncool...the Lord of the Rings Tundra is about as hip as a the Hobbit that's driving it.
it would look good on this truck....

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Just when you think someone couldnt have come up with anything tackier...... they go and put something like that on their truck.
Why are these things called "headache racks". I dont get it.. This particular one gave me a headache just from sheer tackiness... this is an isolated incident though, not enough to label all these items "headache racks"
I want something of that nature (not that) so I can stack firewood higher behind the glass.
it would look good on this truck....

Looks like he has dropped some serious money at the local advanced auto/pepboys type store!!!
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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