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The thesis will consider the recurrent use of the woman's bag as a pivotal motif and sticking point in portrayals of shifting gender relations around the turn of the twentieth century in order to demonstrate that the woman's struggle for a bag of her own was a necessary precursor to the struggle surrounding the room, feeding into a wider modernist preoccupation with the nature of the relationship between freedom and property. Following this preoccupation more generally into the interwar period, the thesis charts the impact of the politicization of forms of mobility in late modernist work as this is manifested in the problematization of an earlier modernist luggage paradigm.

Overall, the thesis contends that luggage signalling obstruction as much as mobility, adventure as much as dispossession, the exhilaration of travel as much as the terror of flight, the material attachment to a familiar past as much as the immaterial projection forward into an unfamiliar future proposes an innovative re description of modernist fiction which offers illuminating new perspectives on the contradictory forces, interests and imperatives of modernism with wide reaching implications.

However, Canada has still deported only a small minority of the tens of thousands of irregular asylum seekers who entered the country in the last two years. According to figures the CBSA provided to the Post, the agency removed just 723 irregular migrants with failed refugee claims between April 1, 2017 and June 21, 2019.Kelly McParland: Could Canada become like Denmark and ship refugees off to an island?Syrian chocolatier in Nova Scotia aims to give back by helping refugees in CanadaThis is largely because asylum seekers must exhaust all legal avenues of appeal before they can be removed, which takes time. The agency also pointed to a number of other factors that can delay removals, including the fact that Canada temporarily halts removals to countries in armed conflict or experiencing environmental disasters such measures are currently in place for Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Iraq.
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