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Timing Belts/Timing Chains

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Has anyone noticed? .. that Toyota seems to have "Reverted" to Timing CHAINS... No more Timing BELTS. It seems to have been a Quiet Transition. Most Toyota models now "seem" to have chains, with a few minor exeptions. The term CHAINS is not mentioned in the "Maintence Guide"... Of Course. It's just a lack of mention of BELTS that is noticed.

Chains don't need to be changed every 90,000 miles. Chains have been bullit proof since the advent of the internal combustion engine. Timing BELTS were cheap to produce and they were quiet.

Can anyone confirm this observation???? Regards: TacoGuy

PS: I think the 4.0 Litre TACO V-6 .... May now have a chain! If this is the case this is a Positive Developement... no matter what engine.
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^ Open up your oil cap and look inside, you will see a "Timing Chain". They had initially reverted back some time ago to timing belts for 2 reasons as TacoGuy said: 1) Noise...belt is quieter than a chain, 2) Cost..belt is cheaper than a chain. However; the old 22R engine that Toyota used in the 80's had a timing chain that had plastic chain dampeners that would break if you didn't used a oil filter with a check valve built in;resulting in a chain replacement. Luckily, most quality oil filters now do have check valves built in. A chain is definately better than a belt IMO which has to be replaced every 60,000 miles or so.
Most of the new engines are "interference" engines. If a belt breaks in an interference engine you need heads and valaves. Ask Nissan!
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