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Tips on purchasing a used 2005 Toyota Tundra Limited (salvage title)

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I'm looking for your wise counsel before I make my first Tundra buy. I was wondering if there were any particular components or things I should check out of the vehicle when performing my inspections. I am specifically interested in the 2005 year range. You guys undoubtedly have a ton of advice on maintenance or important things to look for when buying, so I wanted to start this topic to see if I could get any help in that area.

My target vehicle is a 2005 Toyota Tundra Limited, which is a great beauty. This automobile REALLY matches my budget, however because it has a salvage title, I'm a little hesitant. Salvage title, according to my uncle, doesn't actually matter that much, but other friends claimed they would back out of the sale. Let me provide some information in the hopes of getting your feedback on whether or not this is a decent offer. When inspecting this vehicle, is there anything I should check in person or with a mechanic?

Link to the ad:

2005 Toyota Tundra Limited
115000 miles
White in color

Since the front end has been advertised as being completely new, I'm wondering whether there is a method to view the previous automobile problems or damages. I'm in love with this model and need to buy by the end of the month because using rideshares right now is awful! For this price range, it's the one I found that is the cleanest, so please advise if you guys would pull the trigger or negotiate with the seller a little more in this case.
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Keep in mind that the Double Cab in that year has a bastard master cylinder setup and is prone to leaking into the vacuum booster. With that said, you cannot buy just the secondary master that sits between the normal master, and the vacuum booster where the leak originates, and you will be looking at a $1000 plus replacement OEM booster, master cylinder, assembly. You can no longer buy the part aftermarket either. The access cab was spared this configuration, just us first gen Double Cabbers. The other failure on the 4.7 is the Secondary Air Injection Pump is prone to failure. You have to pull the upper intake to gain access for change out. I would also check the timing belt, water pump history. That is another big bump in the wallet. I am a 2nd owner of an 05 DC 4X4 and have personal experience with all these items.
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115k milles seems awfully low for a 2005.
mine has 92,000 as I drive less that 5000 per year. I bought it in 08 with 25,000
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