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Hey Guys -

I'm looking to upgrade my current tires (running an 08 DC SL5 w/ the Steel Rims and Bridgestone Duler 255/70/18s) - Truck only has 15k but I just got a set of the TRD alloy rims and can't wait to replace the Steels.

I've read just about every post and it seems that for most of you, the tire upgrade is part of getting a 3/1 lift.

My question is - if I'm going to run either stock or just w/ the front block lift to even out the rake, what tire size would be best.

I'm looking at getting Nitto Terra Grapplers (current deal on them at my local store)

If my calcs are correct:

Tire Size Overall Dia Tire Width

255/70/18 (current) 32" 10.04"
275/65/18 32" 10.83"
275/70/18 32.27" 10.94"
285/65/18 32.52" 11.50"

My of my driving is on the road - live in New England so some snow but I can count on what hand how many times 4x4 is actually needed (although I do love having a reason for it).

Leaning torwards the 275/65 or 275/70 - same price and you get slightly taller tire.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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