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I apologize if this has been covered somewhere and I didn’t see it. My 2014 is due for tires and has 65K so it made sense to do the Bilstein 5100 (clip on middle setting) since I’ve always wanted to level it out some, and it’s due for struts anyway. I found a chart somebody made showing all the tire sizes that will fit depending on the amount of lift you have. It seemed like 285/60/20 would fit but I wondered if 65’s were possible? I don’t want to do a lot of modifications. If I have to modify they skid plate or maybe heat gun an inner fender that’s ok but I’d like to leave the flaps on the truck.

I’ve seen a lot of contradicting discussions and every thread I see somebody is either running the clip on the highest setting or has some kind of spacers etc. I can’t find a thread where somebody has 5100’s on middle setting with these tires and nothing else. I was hoping someone is running this setup and might let me know how the fitment was. I’m fine not going to 65’s but it would be nice to know what I can get away with before spending the time and $.

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