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Tires for the '07?

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I've replaced the tires on my new '07, wanting to upgrade from the stock "P" rubber to "LT" load range tires for the towing I do. I found a somewhat limited selection in the 275/65-18 stock tire size; I ended up with Toyo Open Country ATs, which I've had on my Gen 1 tundra and have found to be excellent tires. But, I had to go with 10 ply (load range E), which seems like overkill,, as the supposedly available 6-ply version of this tire could not be acquired by my local dealer. (I'm in a rural area, where my local selection is quite limited.)

I now have a balance problem ( a little, but very annoying, wheel wobble at around 55-65).:td: My question is whether anyone thinks that these 10-ply monsters are too heavy for the truck, or is this balance problem solvable? The tires have a thirty day return privilege, so if I can't solve this pretty quick, I might just go back to stock "P" load range tires.

Any advice is very much appreciated.
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I think that it's fixable. I had 10 ply tires on my 02 Tacoma and the first shop that installed them did a terrible job cause it would wobble at certain speeds. So I took my truck to another shop and they seemed to fix it cause my truck never did wobble again. So if my little Taco could handle it, then I'm sure your big Tundra can too. :tu:
Hankook Dynapro MT also makes a 275/65/18. Seems they have been getting pretty good reviews. Hankook is also coming out with a new All Terrain (275/65/18) in "Second Quarter" 2007.
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