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tires ???

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I have the XSP pakage on my 06 DC. the tires are low profile 295/45/20. Im not to fond of the low profile but would like to keep the wheel. how tall can I get on a tire before I have rubbin problems? I would like an All/T tire.
Also I will be tryin to get rid of the 295/45/20's so if anyones intrested ....Best offer

Tire 295/45/20
Pirelli Scorpion Zero
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You might check out this link and see if it helps you with different scenarios

I tried putting in your current size and a possible increase (in sidewall height). The main problem I see is that to go taller your are going to have to go narrower more than likely to get it to fit.

Hope this helps. By the way it looks like you are just down the road from me.
thanks man,
i just want a meatier tire on there Im going to be putting a leveling kit and flowmaster on before the end of the month.
Ill have to put before and after pics on here
265-75-16 without any lift. Equivalent to a 31" tire.
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