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Hello, just got a 2006 Tundra and am wondering about towing it behind my class A motorhome. Is a tow dolly good enough or is there something else i need. This is my 3rd tundra, 2005,2005,2007, hard to beat em. Thanks Jim
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Is it Four Wheel Drive? Might want to consult the original owners' manual (available online). Spinning the drivetrain, even in neutral causes wear on wheel bearings. Call your Toyota Dealer and let them assume you want to purchase from them anything necessary for safely towing your truck.
I see lot's of motor homes towing vehicles, but if it were me and I could afford a flat trailer that would be the route I would take.
Let us know what you find out... Chap
The Owners Manual for my 2002 (not 4x4) warns:
"Never tow a vehicle with an automatic
transmission from the front with the
rear wheels on the ground, as this
may cause serious damage to the
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Why put waer on your truck when a flat trailer will be a better option. I know it's a pain when you park, but cheaper in the long run. Chap
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