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Towing Mirrows From Sparks

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I just ordered them today for my 2010 Double Cab. They are $75 each cheaper than my local dealer, so I know where I'm going to be going for aftermarket parts when I need something. Retailers in Austin, Tx don't seem to grasp that there is a shopping world outside the city limits. My existing mirrors are motor powered for adjustment, but do not have the turn signal or defrost. My understanding from talking to Tim at Sparks, is that these mirrors probably won't have working turn signals either because my truck doesn't currently have them, but I don't care about that. I just want to be able to adjust them electrically when I extend them for towing a travel trailer.
How much of a bear is it going to be to replace my existing mirrors with these? This is my first Tundra and I've had some stuff installed, but havn't done any of it myself..
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Do a search. There was a thread showing how to do it a while back. I'm sure others will chime in since a lot on here have swapped them.
All the features you have now will carry over to the tow mirrors, including electronic adjust. Signals should come on as well since I'm pretty sure SR5+ (maybe grade) tundras are all prewired.

Heres thread on how to easily switch the mirrors in about 10 minutes. (Scroll down near the end)
Your power adjust will transfer but if you don't have heat im not sure the running/signal lights will work.

A monkey could do the swap, just pop off part of the triangle section of the door panel, 3 bolts and a plug in connector.
On my 2010, it took time on one side. I had my brother help me and he dropped the nut in the door. Took longer to find it than to change the actual mirror. Mine was prewired, so all the lights work. Unsure of the heater as it has not been cold enough in California.
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