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Just wanted to pass along some helpful info in case anyone is shopping for an extended warranty,

You can buy out of state which is a nice savings on tax alone - not a lot of people know that or even have that thought cross their mind.

I emailed a total of 43 dealerships IIRC,

My best deal came from the gentlemen below, he was about $300+ lower than the next lowest offer

Brian Hyman
Finance Manager
Pedersen Toyota in Colorado
[email protected]

Tell him Oliver sent ya :)

Now I know someone will ask or say, "Are you sure your allowed to buy the warranty out of state? I thought Toyota did away with that." It would appear that this is not the case, I already know many people that have bought from Brian and have inquired about this to him.

"Being that your truck is within its original factory coverage, there is no issue with offering the Platinum Warranty to out-of-state buyers. It is the valid Toyota's manufacturer's coverage, and will be honored by all Toyota dealers in the U.S. ad Canada - but not Puerto Rico or any outlying U.S. territories".

In the large group of inquires I sent out, 95% of them were out of state. I specifically stated my residing state, not one responded that they were not able to fulfill the request due to this.

In any case,
Hope this might be able to help someone out there looking.

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I also just purchased a 7 year 125,000 extended platinum warranty for my 2017 Tundra Platinum supercrew 4x4 from:

Jerry Johnson
Warranty Manager
Midwest Toyota
Midwest Ford
Midwest Superstore
1100 east 30th
Hutchinson, Ks 67502
Phone 800-530-5789
Cell 620-664-8844
Email [email protected]

I got a great deal, saved a ton from my local guy, and had a great conversation with Jerry.

I highly advise giving him a call if you are looking for an extended warranty.
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