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Welcome back to Handy Toyota of St. Albans, VT's Tundra Solutions forum, one of the Internet's top spots for all things Toyota and Tundra. Today, we would like to talk to you a bit about one of our favorite topics: special edition and customized Tundra trucks.

Those of you who know us - and judging by the fact that we hear from you all frequently regarding our superbly low Toyota Tundra and other Toyota vehicle warranties from Toyota Extra Care - you know we are one of Vermont's, if not New England's prime spots for all manner of Tundras. Lead by our founder's grandson and sales manager Adam Luneau, we have carved ourselves a spot as the go-to Toyota dealership in the region for the hard-to-find Toyota Tundra's you all love so much: the Tundra Rock Warrior, the Tundra Limited, and the Tundra Platinum are some of our favorites, but we've also purchased a few of the new Tundra Limited Rock Warriors and customized a few Tundras to fit in various buyers' lives, from chrome accessories to aggressive, sleek black five-spoke rims, making Handy Toyota the place go to for a Tundra that speaks volumes about you, its owner.

With this in mind, we thought it would make sense to give you a little bit of information on what each Tundra model entails, along with a few ideas on why each specific version of the Tundra - of which, as you know, there are many - would be right for you.

If any of this information catches your interest, find us online and browse our virtual dealership at, send our Internet sales team an email at [email protected], or call us directly toll-free at (888) 352-5749. You can also browse our various Tundra pieces by clicking on one of the following links (copy and paste it into your browser if for any reason the window doesn't open):

[] View Tundra inventories, read Tundra blogs, and join our Tundra forum at, a Tundra fan site
[] Shop new Tundra trucks -
[] Shop used Tundra trucks -
[] Shop all new and used Tundras -
[] Shop for Tundra TRD Off Road trucks -
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[] Shop for customized Tundras -
[] Read blogs about Toyota Tundra news -

If for any reason whilst browsing our various Tundra-related information on the links above you encounter a problem, contact our webmaster directly at [email protected] or by phone at (888) 352-5749 extension 2127.

Tundra 2WD truck info
Though we're starting with the most basic version of the world-famous Toyota Tundra truck, let me cut your first thought off: yes, there is a reason to buy one! Even though it doesn't fit the normal Tundra mindset of "do anything, go anywhere" to most people, the Tundra 2WD truck is still an amazing piece of machinery.

With a base MSRP of only $25,155, the Tundra 2WD truck is a money-saver both in terms of its base quality and the fact that, if you don't need it (whether you want the Tundra as a cruising vehicle or don't live in a wintery climate like Vermont) the two-wheel drive platform really saves on gas, getting upwards of 20 miles per gallon (highway) with the 4.6L V6 engine. Combined with a Regular Cab and short box, again the base configuration with no extras, the Tundra 2WD is still a very capable vehicle, combining a smooth ride with its best-in-class power (again, when compared to other two-wheel drive V6 trucks).

Tundra 2WD configurations
[] Regular Cab
[] Double Cab
[] CrewMax
[] 4.6L V6
[] 4.6L V8
[] 5.7L V8

Tundra 4WD truck info
Being as this is Tundra Solutions and not "" or some such, chances are you're aware of the awe striking power, grace, and value that is the Tundra 4WD truck... and you're also probably aware that this is the go-to truck for Toyota. Available in every configuration ever conceived (and as we mentioned even more than that thanks to Handy Toyota's customized trucks), the Tundra 4WD truck is the one you see most often because it simply can't be beat. And though Toyota's been branded as an "import" or "Japanese car" for decades - and we aren't saying it's not per se - potential buyers and even super fans need to realize that there really isn't anything more American than the Tundra. Born and bred in San Antonio, Texas, comprised of 85 percent American-made auto parts, and leading the way to a truck-filled world by sales volume, the Toyota Tundra is, at the risk of becoming a cliche, as American as apple pie.

Where utilization is concerned, the Tundra does it all. After the 2007 redesign that saw the Tundra finally reach its potential and hit the full-sized truck market running, the allure of the Tundra was too great and many a tried-and-true Ford, Dodge, GMC, and Chevy truck owner jumped ship for the new Tundra. And why not?! Featuring 380 horsepower and over 400 pound-feet of torque in the 5.7L V8 DOHC with VVTi engine configuration, the Tundra blows past the competition with a roar that makes you truly feel alive. Whether you're off-roading with the Tundra TRD Off-Road edition, crawling up Mount Mansfield or Mount Washington in the Tundra Rock Warrior, plowing the way for motorists less equipped than you, or simply cruising down the Interstate with a luxury sedan-quality smoothness, the Tundra 4WD truck makes any other truck look insanely underpowered, under-classed, and overpriced.

Tundra 4WD configurations
[] Regular Cab
[] Double Cab
[] CrewMax
[] 4.6L V6
[] 4.6L V8
[] 5.7L V8

Tundra 4WD trim levels/models
[] Grade
[] TRD Off Road
[] Rock Warrior
[] Limited
[] Platinum

The overstocked and super powered specialty Tundra info
Surely you see where this is going, but once you hit the "choose a trim level" arena of the Tundra 4WD truck the sky's the limit. Best of all it doesn't matter which you choose because they all serve a wide array of purposes and depending on your financial status you can literally get more, and more, and more as you climb up the socioeconomic ladder of the Tundra family. Let's take a look at some of the best of the best, starting with the TRD Off Road Tundra.

Tundra TRD Off Road series
Again, we don't mean to imply that there's anything wrong with the Tundra Grade series and on the contrary it's an excellent truck for the mid-$35,000 range. Those with a little additional necessity or desire with regards to their truck, however, might find the Tundra TRD Off Road a little more apt.

With trail-ready Bilstein shocks, 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich all-season tires, a trail-tuned suspension, and optional equipment like the TRD Rear Sway Bar for added cornering stability, the Tundra TRD Off Road is made for what the name implies: taking that sucker off road. Jump in, light her up, plug your favorite tunes into the now-standard auxiliary port (as of 2013) that works with virtually anything with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and the world - and particularly the tougher terrain - is your oyster.

The b*lls-to-the-walls Tundra Rock Warrior
Three years after the 2007 Tundra left the gates, fans became hungry. In some instances one might say "began asking for too much," but "most cases" doesn't apply to the Tundra, a truck known for going above and beyond... above what is asked for and beyond what's expected, that is.

And with this yearning for more the Tundra Rock Warrior was born. Building off the Tundra TRD Off Road's success, the Tundra Rock Warrior upped the ante with the addition of eye-catching and rock-crawling TRD Forged Alloy Wheels, an OEM Toyota Racing Development response to weak wheels. Using the forged process, a process that allows the wheel to be pulled out of a single chunk of aluminum in other words rather than spliced together the "cheap" (read: normal) way, the Tundra Rock Warrior took off and never looked back.

Adding to the surefire success, Toyota Motors added deep-black, super tough cloth on the interior, TRD Rock Warrior graphics on the bed, and set the color scheme to black or white only (after 2010 that color choice expanded to black, white, red, and gunmetal gray). Toyota didn't stop there, though, adding a TRD Rear Sway Bar, powerful Bilstein shocks, BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A tires, and an optional TRD Supercharger. When all options are accounted for including the supercharger, the Tundra Rock Warrior 4WD Truck reached an incredible 504 horsepower, helping Handy Toyota's own driver Jack Chamberlain to dominate in the regional truck pull circuit including the Franklin County (VT) Field Days.

But don't take our word for it: check out Handy Toyota's Jack Chamberlain fan page on and check out The Handy Channel on YouTube to see some of Mr. Chamberlain's - and his Tundra Rock Warrior's - triumphs.

Tundra Limited
For quite some time, the term "Limited" in the auto industry meant one thing: we want your money. This isn't a dig at the industry, mind you, but there just wasn't enough to warrant the additional weight reduction in your wallet. Leather seats, maybe heated seats, occasionally some power features, and possibly a loud stereo (which doesn't mean "sounds good," mind you) were added, but never in any tangible fashion when looked through the lens of financial security.

Of course once again Toyota turns the industry on its ear, and the Tundra Limited was set free.

Combining all the previous features into the Tundra Limited alone would have been a treat, but Toyota took it a step further and added ALL, that's right, ALL the additional features:

[] 8-way power adjustable driver's seats
[] Heated plus leather seating
[] Room for 5 adult passengers
[] Six-speed tap-shift automatic transmission
[] LCD touchscreen[] Integrated backup camera
[] Bed liner
[] Power sliding rear window
[] Power windows, locks, and mirrors[] Push button powertrain management: 2WD, part time 4WD, and full time 4WD
[] Navigation
[] Satellite radio
[] Chrome accents such as the mirrors, front grille, front and rear bumpers, and more
[] Optional California-legal tint
[] JBL audio systems including subwoofers
[] Up to 6-disc CD changers
[] Bluetooth connectivity
[] USB and/or auxiliary iPhone/Android/BlackBerry/MP3 connectivity
[] 19- and 20-inch alloy wheels
[] ...and so much more!

Best of all the Tundra Limited (or Tundra LTD) can be customized to the buyers delight; and rather than tell you about all the TRD auto parts & accessories the Tundra LTD can hold, why not just check out the Handy Toyota TRD Auto Parts home page here. And then remember: the Tundra Limited holds them all!

Tundra Platinum
Maybe it's that I'm only 28 years old, I'm not really sure, but when I was young I thought gold was tops. Forget diamonds, forget rubies, forget it all: gold is the best material and the only thing that's valued in the world. In fact, what the heck is platinum?!

As I got older I found out what platinum was: a rarer precious metal that is super heavy, super malleable (under the right forces), super shiny and "pretty," and of course super expensive. I'm glad I got this idea in my head when I was young enough, because now it's clear why the Tundra Platinum is named.

To be blunt: they're rare, they're gorgeous, and they just get no better.

The Tundra Platinum, to save time, is a lot like the Tundra Limited: in fact it's more limited in many ways. There are fewer, it's more potent in every conceivable way, and... well, it's just a better truck. First off, most Tundra Platinums come in CrewMax (four full doors) whereas the Tundra Limited generally is a Double Cab. The Platinum also comes with a full drop-down rear window, rear seat DVD entertainment center including auxiliary inputs for gaming systems and the like, and advanced climate control. To keep your investment (and what you'll surely consider your baby) safe, Toyota's VIP Security System and optional Toyota Safety Connect system keeps your truck monitored when you can't do it yourself.

Similar to the Tundra Limited, the Tundra Platinum can be further enhanced by adding the entire TRD auto parts library to it, adding more performance and/or customization and personalization to your otherwise perfect Tundra truck. Handy Toyota's favorite, however, is surely the TRD Big Brake Kit, a bright red callipered-kit that shows the world the requisite force to stop this monstrous machine. Add in the aforementioned TRD Supercharger, and you're talking about a Tundra Platinum truck that can literally be called "luxury": so move over Mercedes, BMW, and the like... in Vermont and Tundra Solutions-land we call luxury something totally different!

Customized Tundra trucks at Handy Toyota
By virtue of being on Tundra Solutions, you're probably a Tundra or at least Toyota truck fan. And even with all the customizations we've gone over, maybe you want something a little different from your Tundra fanatic-friends? If so, we have just the thing for you... well, maybe YOU. It could be for your buddy, not you, in which case the next might be yours.

Our point? We love to customize Tundra trucks. From the original Tundra with Handy's Rally Sport Package to the Tundra with Handy's Chrome Package to the Tundra with Handy's TRD Sport Package, we've customized various trucks with graphics, chrome packages, alloy wheels of all kinds, suspensions, lifts, drops, and more. We don't necessarily make them for anyone in particular either; we make them and wait for the buyer it was meant to come knocking.

That doesn't mean we can't make you one though! Imagine, right now, what your perfect Tundra looks like... do you have the image in your head? If you can't find it right now on than our sales manager Adam can make it a reality.If you're looking for a customized, one-of-a-kind Toyota Tundra truck to bring home for your very own, email Adam at [email protected] or call him toll-free at (888) 352-5749 today. For more information on any other Tundra browse our online dealership, build your own Tundra online, download/print/save a Tundra eBrochure, or simply email Adam and ask him what's available.

And don't forget: we have a dedicated Tundra blog, a dedicated Tundra fan-site, and lots of news constantly changing on the official Handy Toyota blog, so subscribe today, comment on our blogs or our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, etc.), and join the conversation today!

We'll always be ready for you at Handy Toyota's all-new state-of-the-art automotive dealership at 701 Highgate Road in St. Albans, VT, online at and, and of course, right here in the land of Tundras...!

Happy Driving!

Chris Dugan - Internet Manager
Handy Toyota &

701 Highgate Road
St. Albans, VT 05478

(888) 352-5749 | Toll-free
(802) 528-2200 | Local
[email protected]
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